Hi, I'm Dave

Send me a message or schedule a call and I will show you how to create your ideal Twitter campaign whether you’d like more followers or more deals closed.


  • Helped 32 companies this past year in the US, Canada, and the UK. Twitter promotion
  • Built a complete marketing plan for OhmHub, New Jersey, with Twitter leading the way to their largest deals ever. Coaching client Eric Park of Florida, closed 35% more deals with our outreach for him.
  • S‍ilent Domains needed more followers and we took their Twitter account from 230 to over 5,000 people in six months.
  • For high ticket companies, we concentrate on a limited number of CEOs and founders on your behalf. We start the conversation and then turn it over to you to finalize.
  • We will discuss a no-risk revenue share model with you if you have an established company.

I have worked with the sales and marketing groups at: